Who we are

MAULOA Natural Skin was born in 2021 from the desire to give rise to a line of quality natural cosmetics to take care of you in an absolutely natural and special way!

Who we are: a reality in the province of Pesaro and Urbino in the Marche region, between the sea and the mountains, between Rossini and Raffaello, an area rich in history and beauty.

MAULOA is an Italian brand of natural and organic cosmetics, rich in active ingredients, Made in Italy, bio and cruelty free that ensure quality, effectiveness and innovation, all in full respect of the planet, its creatures and above all the health of your skin.

Our products are free from parabens, silicones or other harmful substances.

MAULOA, do you know what that means? MAULOA is a Hawaiian word meaning "FOREVER". The Hawaiian Islands represent, according to our vision, the earthly paradise of our planet, a territory that tells the wonders of nature and the magnificent properties that give the active ingredients of natural products.
A place that teaches us respect for nature and the benefits we can derive from it.
Forever therefore, the best from nature to maintain beauty in every moment of our life.

Our skincare treatments take care of your skin giving you a natural beauty.

To preserve the precious quality of our natural cosmetics, we have selected glass as packaging that has the ability to protect the contents from external agents, in particular from oxygen, responsible for the oxidation and deterioration of cosmetics.

At the same time, glass has the great advantage of being reusable over and over again, thus resulting in an extremely ecological and sustainable material.


MAULOA was born from the desire to offer you small moments of pleasure, in full respect of the environment, to take care of yourself and your beauty thanks to the active ingredients of nature.

The best performing ingredients come from nature, for a more beautiful and healthy skin and natural beauty.

Discover MAULOA products for brighter skin day after day.

Discover nature, discover MAULOA