Natural cosmetics

Go back to Nature and take the best of what it offers us.

Natural cosmetic products contain only natural ingredients with many active ingredients that promote and stimulate the natural functions of our skin.

Our cosmetic products are born from the study of raw materials, we choose natural and vegetable ingredients and we favor organic ones.

We are looking for the best ways to use the active ingredients so that our products are effective.

A natural cosmetic product is the search for the right balance between raw materials, between formulas and active ingredients, between texture and functionality.

Our skin must be periodically nourished with effective and natural products to prevent aging and the onset of the signs of aging.

Our cosmetics contain active ingredients that help tone the skin, firm it, hydrate it and delay the aging process of skin tissues and
wrinkle formation: essential for your skincare routine.


Our products do not contain parabens and silicones or other harmful substances.

We do not test on animals and we obtain our raw materials in total respect for nature.

MAULOA's mission is to do the best for you and for nature.